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How’s Your Image?

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Senior and Family Steal the Show

Family is very important to this young man, and we spent the afternoon at his home photographing him with his parents, and getting some fun shots with a childhood friend. We spent a little time in the studio as well, to give our subject a good set of professional images. It was a blast!

Distinguished Business Portrait

We had the honor of photographing this client recently, and loved the way this image turned out.

Along with his professional demeanor, he has a wonderful smile!

How Do You Look?

Step one to giving your online sites a snappy, professional feel: that perfect profile image.

We recently sat down with an avid blogger and coffee aficionado who needed a couple of original images for her blog. She wanted something that would capture her fun-loving, outgoing personality, while at the same time representing her more professional side. No problem!

We had a fantastic shoot and she has some gorgeous new profile images. Below are two of our faves:

Need some new profile images for your online sites? Give us a call – we specialize in creatively capturing the ‘real you.’  Cheers!