Get Behind Our Lens!


Straight from New Jersey

I’m attending a professional photography course in Cape May, NJ this week.
The light has been glorious. I hope these images warm your heart as they do mine.
See you soon. – Pam

Senior, Creekside

We had an amazingly fun IPD Sewickley Safari with this lovely high school senior. We captured an array of her interests and her personality during this session, and not one of us fell in the creek. A successful afternoon all around!

Variation III On the Theme on Green and Pink

For this image,  using the rule of thirds, I offset the majority of the image into the bottom third of the frame.
I used more of a spot light effect to enhance the vintage feel. I love of the background against these gorgeous hot pink tulips.
Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoy your day!

Variation II On the Theme on Green and Pink

I could not resist the beautiful, warm sunlight streaming through the window back-lighting these flowers! I’m having fun working on improving my understanding of color theory. I found the blue to be a lovely compliment to the pink tulips
with their lovely green leaves. I love the boca of the lens I chose for this subject.
I hope you enjoy this image, too!

Tulips from Cuttings Flower and Garden Market in Sewickley

Variation I on the Theme on Pink and Green

This image was inspired by a BW image of Audrey Hepburn, with the shadows of a window shade crossing her face. I just love the play of the light, shadows and the pop of green and pink. The shadows on the wall behind the flowers, and the green wall surrounding, made for a perfect composition.