Get Behind Our Lens!


2017 marks the 17th anniversary of the founding of Ingram Portrait Design. It’s come a long way, and so have I.  From a small handful of clients willing to work with a new photographer all those years ago, IPD has expanded to include a wide and diverse collection of individuals and families who now rely on me for my experience, attention to detail, enthusiasm, and creativity.  Yet despite all of the wonderful ways in which my business has grown, some things have never changed, and never will.

When I get behind my camera, the world around me becomes background noise, and all I focus on is my subject: an expectant mother, a high school senior, a toddler in the arms of his father, an elderly couple who are still crazy about each other. The lighting and composition must be just right, and the expressions I capture must represent the very essence of each individual. When I look through my camera lens I am an artist, capturing colors, eyes, emotions: moments in time to be remembered for years to come. This is what gives meaning to my work, and it is the foundation upon which I conduct my business every day, and always will.

Along with my amazing studio manager and assistant extraordinaire, Jen Krayvo, I’d  like to welcome you to our  blog, and invite you to make yourself at home. We love getting to know our clients and we also want you to know more about us, and what our business is all about. We are truly passionate about photography, and just as passionate about understanding and building a relationship with everyone who chooses to invite us into their lives and families. Our happiest, most fulfilling experiences are derived from constantly learning more about photography and more about you.

Come in and look around: see what we’re working on, what we’re up to, and tell us what’s on your mind.

Welcome to Ingram Portrait Design!

-Pam Ingram (Owner & Photographer)
-Jennifer Krayvo (Studio Manager)

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