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New York, New York…

I love photographing people wherever I travel: from cities and urban centers, to small hamlets and quiet bucolic fields. New York has to be ranked up there as being one of my favorites! It is hugely photogenic. I love the juxtaposition of the old architecture with the new. I was especially enthralled with Central Park during this visit to the Big Apple. It is such a gift to the masses of people who visit NYC — young and old enjoy the green grass and trees. Families and lovers are sprinkled about on the huge rocks. Horse drawn carriages. Bicycle taxis. There are walking trails lined with tall trees; baseball diamonds, spring flowers and artisans, street musicians, skateboarders and more. Truly an extraordinary place for taking in the fresh air, relaxation, exercise and repose. And photography…. I can’t get enough of it. I’ll have to go back again, and soon.

Above: This statue is so mammoth. You can see how dwarfed by her size the people are on the sidewalk in front of her. As I gazed at her, I tried to imagine the joy and excitement that must have stirred in the hearts of the thousands upon thousands of people who saw her as they came into the New York harbor hoping for sanctuary.

Above: Ellis Island operated as the immigration center during the late 1800’s and through the mid-l950’s when it closed.

Above: This photograph gives us a peek into the eclectic items immigrants brought with them to this new life. Some brought trunks and rugs, others just the clothes on their back. I so admire the courage and tenacity of these people to leave their homelands in search of freedom, of work, of their loved ones, in the face of not really knowing what to expect until they actually arrived.

Above: A classic shot of the New York City skyline. Imagine what a site it would be to see after being surrounded by water for so long. Even now it is an iconic and enduring reminder of the history of the city, and of the U.S.

Above: So alive with excitement throughout the day and night. This part of New York pulsates with vitality as people from all walks of life mingle to enjoy the sights, sounds, theater, music and restaurants. You hear many different languages being spoken every where you go.


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