Get Behind Our Lens!

Here’s To You!

Starting in the summer and continuing on through the fall, IPD’s schedule is particularly full of high school seniors who want to document their last year of school and grab a snazzy image for their yearbooks (seniors: your submission deadline for yearbook portraits is approaching, we guarantee it –  if you haven’t scheduled a session with us, now is your chance). We’ve had a packed schedule, met a lot of great seniors, and enjoyed every minute of it!
So in honor of our soon-to-be-high school-grads, the next several blog posts will showcase some of our favorite images from the senior class.
We’ll kick off our celebration with a few images from a recent Senior Safari session – this young lady was so much fun, and she was a natural in front of our lens.
We love the combination of these two images with the blue sky as a back drop, and our model’s expression is just lovely in both! It’s always a thrill to work outdoors and grab some artistic shots away from all the cars and buildings of a suburban setting.
Keeping it classy with a cool pair of shades and some favorite jeans.  Laid back and sophisticated all at once – looking good!
Can I get a ride?
We had such a good time, and our senior chose all three of these images to include in the rest of her order. We’re always happy to know we’ve captured the personality of our subject, and that these images will be a part of her memories from senior year.
We’ll be posting more senior portraits soon – and in the meantime, all comments and suggestions are welcome – we’re always curious to hear what you think!
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