Get Behind Our Lens!

The London Journal – Continued

Now that the 4th has come and gone (I hope you all did something fun to celebrate, like we did!) Jen and I are back to work in the studio, and it’s time to throw a few more images of England up here for you to enjoy! It already feels like awhile since I was sitting in a little pub having a proper English beer, or admiring the colors, sounds, little store fronts (and little cars) that are so at home there. These pictures bring back all the mental details, and I’m smiling just seeing them again!

We took a day to hike to Hill Top, where Beatrix Potter’s famous cottage sits, and where she wrote her beloved children’s books. All the paths were winding and quaint, and took us through trees, along the river, and once, when we were lost, through a cow field. The cows were as surprised to see us as we were to see them – but that didn’t stop me from grabbing a picture anyway!

…Believe it or not, we were supposed to go through the sheep pasture pictured at right; the map told us so! The red paint on the momma sheep is sprayed on by the farmer;  each sheep herd has a color: green, blue, yellow, etc. – making for quite a rainbow of color on their shaggy bottoms! The rugged landscape and lush colors couldn’t have been more vivid, and it really gave me a chance to grow my creativity through experimenting with a variety of image compositions and camera settings.
The Famous Beatrix Potter Cottage!

Every able shipmate deserves to be photographed at least once, and this handsome fellow was no exception. I think he saw me snapping his picture, but he posed just the same. And that field of old stones in the next frame? Roman ruins!
And, as is customary, the closing image is a delicious beverage.  I thought the lighter hue of the flower complimented the rosy color of the glasses, and the soft light on the wooden table provided all the background I needed.
An Argentine bottle of wine and a great view from inside the Angel Inn provided a cozy evening while it rained outside. We took a cab home to avoid a sound drenching!

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