Get Behind Our Lens!

The London Journal. Part One.

Last month I took my daughter on a trip to England to celebrate her college graduation. We were gone for about ten days, and I won’t tell you how many  photos I took to document the occasion! (I’ll leave it up to your imagination: professional photographer on vacation to a place full of nature, color, and interesting sites).
We started in Bath, took a train from there to the Lake Country, and ended our whirlwind trip in London.
I packed my Canon 5D, which helped me capture the following images. It was an amazing trip, and since you couldn’t all go with us, I want to share some of England I brought back. The following  images are part 1 of the next several posts devoted to our English escapades!

Above Left: I absolutely loved the color of the wisteria climbing up the window of our B&B, (Marlborough House. Guest House, Bed & Breakfast in Bath, UK) and had to grab it in the afternoon light!  We were close enough to walk into the heart of Bath in just a couple of minutes. I used the ‘Saturation’ feature in photoshop to kick up the purple color a little.
Above Right: Bath Abbey – located right next to the Roman Baths – the only hot springs in England! The black edging at the sides is actually my camera lens – I had it retracted as far as it would go, So I could capture the whole facade.

Picadilly Circus – a completely round set of apartments, encircling a green grass park. Apparently one of the apartments belongs to Johnny Depp, though we never saw him!

Above Left: We visited the small town of Lacock [LAY-kuk] where part of Harry Potter was filmed – this is Prof. Slughorn’s house, for all you HP fans out there! The man at the gate is presumably the owner of the place, however, and not the professor himself!
Above Right: This antique bike was leaning against an old door frame down the road; it looks almost like an old painting. I lined up the shot focusing on the bike in the shadows, and exposing for bright sunlight in order to cut down on the glare.

Above Left: You’ll notice the edges of my lens framing this image, as well; I wanted to zoom out as far as possible, to recreate the length of the street as accurately as possible. This is the street where parts of Pride and Prejudice were filmed!
Above Right: This image was taken from the inside of our tour van – I cropped it in closely, and used a few tricks in photo shop to take out the darker shadow of the van window, allowing you to really get a good view of these country fellows with their trusty herd dog.

Above: The famous Stonehenge! It was a hot, cloudless day, and we could literally see for miles. I focused on capturing the outline of the stones here, and the clear, light background shows them off nicely.

Above: Kirkwood Guest House – our home away from home in the city of Windemermere, in the Lake District. Mags and Boyd were wonderful hosts, drawing us maps, giving us suggestions, and reminding us not to go out without our ”brawlies” (that is, umbrellas).

Above Left: This brightly-hued flower was begging to be photographed, and I couldn’t say no! I took the saturation tool up a couple of percentage points to really make the red pop and highlight the beautiful contrast of the petals against the dark leaves.
Above Right: Having arrived in the Lake District, I had to preserve the breathtaking beauty of this mountain-top view: the lake wayyyy down at the bottom is Lake Derwentwater, and this view is called “Surprise Lookout.” This region was the inspiration for many poets and writers, including Beatrix Potter and Wordsworth (see Part II of the London Adventure, coming up!)

…And of course, what’s a day without coffee? These cute little cups and spoons were picture perfect, and I don’t think I’ve had apple cake that tasted better!
That’s all for now – check back next time for more London pictures. And as always, leave a comment if you feel inspired.

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